ReversedAiml Demo (Beta)

Only the first verb of the first sentence will generate questions.
For complete sentences analyzing get the installable version.


Questions: ReversedAiml intends to produce aiml categories from simple texts.

Say NEW SOURCE (YOUR SOURCE) or NS (YOUR SOURCE) to include your source in the answers.

To include a link edit the category SET SOURCE, then say it.

UNSET SOURCE will remove the old source.

Say USE PREDICATES to include values of it, he, she and they, when determined, in the generated code. Say NO PREDICATES if you dont want to include these values.

Say CREATE KEYWORDS CODE to generate code that matches any input with a sentence subject or object inside. Say STOP KEYWORDS CODE if you want to generate usual ReversedAiml code.

Say STOP RECURSION CODE if you want to generate code with original sentence inside the template. Say CREATE RECURSION CODE to generate code with a recursion to the original sentence inside the template.

You can set a different tree branch for the generated categories, Say SETTREEBRANCH (YOUR TREEBRANCH PREFIX) or SETKWTREEBRANCH (YOUR TREEBRANCH PREFIX) for keywords categories. UNSET TREEBRANCH or UNSET KWTREEBRANCH will remove the old treebranch prefix.

To include a line break edit the category SET BR, then say it.

UNSET BR will remove the old line break.

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